About Us

We are a team of creative graphics and web designers dedicated to providing top quality services in the fields of mobile apps, web and design. We are more than just a Design Agency. We are your public image builder.

Who we are?


POINTS is a company which specializes in creating websites, mobile applications, graphics and print design. Also within our service radar is internet marketing, a media we use to skyrocket your business growth. Founded in 2011, our company’s establishment emerged from the need for quality graphics unto various media of publicity used by organizations and individuals. Ever since her foundation, Design District has increasingly grown into a firm with six departments, providing solutions and services covering various aspects of design and publicity ranging from Website Development, Advertisement, Logo Design and Corporate Branding, Graphics and Prints, Mobile Application Development and Media Consultancy. We are currently affiliated with Wireless 1 Marketing (USA), Gadgets District, Systems Clinic and Insolito.

Our Departments:
• Web Craft
• Dream Studio
• M.A.D Apps
• iBrand

We are the Design Agency you've been looking for!

Your imagination is our reality. Let’s give colors to your ideas!


Why Choose Us?

1. Our Services are not only affordable but also negotiable

We are confident to say Design District is one place to get world class design services at ridiculously cheap prices.

2. A free service for every paid service

Yes you read that right, you are entitled to a free service for every paid service. Thinking of how possible that is? Never mind. It’s our way of saying thanks for your patronage.

3. We deliver within a short time frame

We don’t keep our clients counting down the calendar. All jobs are treated as urgent and delivered in good time.

4. Flexible Payment Methods

How would you like to pay? Then go ahead! Do it your way. We ensure our clients are relieved of unnecessary financial pressure when dealing with us.

Our Skills

Design / 95%
Coding / 70%
UI / 80%
E-Commerce / 85%