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Need videos or animations for your products and services? This department “D-Studio” is your perfect solution, providing you with top quality video illustrations and 3D Rendering.

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ommunication is the art of passing the intended message to the intended receiver at the intended time, and this art can be honed into the exquisite skill of advertising.
D-studio is ready to provide just that service for a wider-based coverage through the use of ANIMATED ADVERTORIALS… We help to create and nurture your information carriage and passage from start to finish.
Animations come to life just as you want with your accurate message being delivered within the most limited space for bias or misconceptions to occur…

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  • Simple Advertorial Videos (without human models): 20,000 Naira ($125)
  • Advertorial Videos (with human models): 150,000 Naira ($940)
  • Advertorial Animation Videos: 100,000 Naira ($625)
See how long it will take to complete your work

Simple Advertorial Videos (Without Human Models): 5 business days
Advertorial Videos (with human models): 40 business days
Advertorial Animation Videos: 28 business days

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Need more information and you’d like to speak to one of our staff? Text “CONSULT” to +234 802 932 6700 and we’ll get back to you immediately.