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We build mobile apps for companies, organizations, celebrities and individuals. Our apps come with special features and are capable of running on various platforms: ANDROID, iOS, BLACKBERRY.

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obiles apps put your business right in your client’s phone, giving you easier access to communicate and send information directly to their phones without having to wait for them to visit your site. The breakneck speed of evolving technology has reinstated the necessity of businesses being in tune with the advancements being made for optimal effectiveness.
The most advocated next level step in enterprise-building is the ability to be with your clientele base on the go….and there is no better way to do this than through a mobile application which keeps your consumers connected to u wherever and whenever the the need arises…
M.A.D apps is all about building the right applications which will be tailored to your specific needs irrespective of the niche you are carving…this is done in partnership with Wireless1marketing Apps and we are both geared to keeping you and your clients in sync.

App Features:
* Broadcast/Stream live events of your company
* Broadcast weekly news
* Share and receive information with clients
* Life Chat Support System
* Notify your customers of new products and services
* Upload & Download Documents
* Encourage interactivity among customers through an inbuilt chat system
* Send free SMS to customers
* Share content on social networks

COMES WITH 3 EXCLUSIVE FEATURES most apps might be missing.
* An inbuilt STORE/SHOP that enables easy online purchase of products/services
* A 24/7 Music Radio Station to deliver edifying music all day long to your customers


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