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trategy is the name of the game in this department. We combine the knowledge of design and brand marketing to make up strategies that sets your business on the front-line. Thus, Throttle Solutions provides you with expert consultation & services to help boost your business/brand, ensuring that the public finds you credible. To us, the impression your brand gives to the public is the life string of your business.
Are your company identity essentials (logo, slogan and color scheme) potential drawbacks to the better growth of your business? We do the analysis, we proffer the solution, and you see the result – Business Growth.
Our services include: Brand Auditing, Consultation, Social Network Profile Management, Website Management, Content Provision, Logo and Slogan analysis, Online Marketing and web campaigns, etc.


Got a job for us?

Brand Audit (**Free**)

Like to know the pros and cons of your brand or business from a professional point of view and how your brand color and designs affect you?
You can have our team of brand design analysts on that for free. Simply send an email containing the following to

  1. Your Company Name
  2. Your Slogan
  3. An attached copy of your logo
  4. Your company identity color(s)
  5. Your website address
  6. Company Facebook Page
  7. Company Twitter Handle
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Worry less about your business. Hand over your brand promotion to us at Throttle Solutions. Our team will provide all your promotion designs, launch various web campaigns, manage your company’s social media profile pages getting you thousands of likes and followers to boost your audience. Simply put, we practically turn your brand into an household name.


Subscription Fee

While registration is free, monthly subscription fee is 15,000 Naira ($95).
Note: This comes with money back guarantee after the first 2 months.

Speak to a staff

Need more information and you’d like to speak to one of our staff? Text “CONSULT” to +234 802 932 6700 and we’ll get back to you immediately.